Vision, Mission and Philosophy


Every child has the right to a safe and happy childhood free from abuse and exploitation. GH affirms the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (pictured below) and uphold this as the foundation for a safer world for children and young people globally.


GlassHouse strive to build transparent, accountable and resourced communities and organisations
so that every child has the chance to have a safe childhood free from abuse and exploitation.

We believe that child safety is a shared responsibility globally.

Our mission is to eliminate GAPS, lack of education & capacity build globally, so exploitation and harm of children is eradicated.


GlassHouse has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of child abuse & exploitation.

We are a safe and inclusive organisation, respecting diversity and culture.

We support communities and organisations through capacity building to ensure children & young people are safe. 

We strongly support those with lived experience and value the voices of survivors. 

We encourage all stakeholders to ask the question, ‘have we been informed by someone with lived experience?’.

We encourage all our partners to be Trauma Informed and draw upon the expertise of Blue Knot Foundation.

We thrive on partnership and collaboration without having to ‘reinvent the wheel’. GH seek out and welcome partnerships as we highly value collaboration to achieve our mission.