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About GlassHouse Safeguarding

Every child and young person has to the right to experience a childhood free from abuse and exploitation. Awareness, prevention, education, and best practice in safeguarding are critical if the global community is going to be effective in creating safe communities and organisations that support law enforcement efforts to target and respond to crimes against children. GlassHouse grew from an immense desire to help organisations and communities better understand what is required of them to protect our most vulnerable. GlassHouse is a survivor led organisation that follows these guiding safeguarding principles: Prevention, Protection, Partnerships, Transparency, Accountability and Empowerment.

What Does Safeguarding Look Like?

How Can GlassHouse Help?

We bring a lived experience lens to all safeguarding support. Though a GlassHouse is transparent it is only as safe as the structure holding it up. 

  • Policy development & review
  • Education and training; development & delivery
  • Organisational capacity building
  • Professional supervision and support
  • Collaboration with individuals/professionals with lived experience.

With special thanks to Willow Duffy, CEO at  Safeguarding Children New Zealand, GH has permission to share Safeguarding Children New Zealand’s safeguarding model. “Child protection is a reactive approach. It is part of a safeguarding process but details the action to follow when a child is identified as suffering from, or likely to suffer from serious harm – for example, a disclosure or suspected abuse and neglect.” “Safeguarding is about prevention of harm and early intervention to minimise the impact on the child”. “Safeguarding is a proactive preventative approach to child protection. ” (Safeguarding Children New Zealand).GlassHouse affirms this model and highlights the importance of  input from those with lived experience and the incorporation of professional supervision as essential components of  safeguarding culture.

*Please see our contact page for further collaboration on lived experience projects and please see our consultants page for further information and to book professional supervision.

Current Partnerships

ChildSafe Australia exists to serve organisations and individuals working with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety. As a children’s harm prevention charity, they provide many practical tools and training to help community organisations transition from policy to good practice. In 2021, GlassHouse founder Laura was contracted by Childsafe for the delivery of ChildSafe training packages across a variety of sectors including schools and early learning centres, councils, aquatic centres, and faith-based organisations. These packages include Body Safety & Consent, Revised Victorian Childsafe Standards, SAFE for aquatic centres and others. For more information about ChildSafe Australia and to book training go here.

GlassHouse Safeguarding and Global Safeguarding are partner organisations. Both organisations share the vision for a safe world for all children free from sexual abuse and exploitation. GlassHouse is thrilled to partner with the team of experts at the Global Safeguarding and look forward to the impact we can make in collaboration. Laura, Founding Director of GlassHouse Safeguarding will also be joining the Global Safeguarding team as an associate on special projects in the future. For more information about the work of Global Safeguarding and their team go here.

Invitation to Partner With GlassHouse

If you would like to partner with GlassHouse, we would love to hear from you. If you share our vision for a safe world for children and young people free from sexual abuse and exploitation, we would love to meet you and talk about collaboration.

Invitation to Individuals With Lived Experience

Along with working with organisations and communities to ensure best practice in safeguarding GlassHouse has a particular interest in connecting with adult survivors from anywhere around the world, especially those that have suffered spiritual or clergy abuse. We would love to hear from you as we plan and develop projects that have a focus on those with lived experience especially survivor led organisations. We would love to hear your ideas on how we partner to shine light in the darkness and encourage and support one another to be seen and heard. A confidential email can be sent to